Paul McCartney discusses new children’s book, ‘Grandude’s Green Submarine,’ and why he loves being a grandpa

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With Grandude’s Green Submarine, the sequel to Paul McCartney‘s bestselling 2019 illustrated children’s book Hey Grandude!, set to be published soon, the former Beatles legend has taken part in a fan Q&A about the project that’s been posted on his official website.

As previously reported, the new book tells the further adventures of Grandude, a magical grandfather who takes his four grandchildren — who he calls his “chillers” — on a journey in his new invention, a green submarine, to find the kids’ music-loving grandmother, Nandude.

Asked how he likes being a grandparent, Sir Paul says he loves it, noting, “Each [grandkid] has a different personality, and they keep me entertained and constantly surprised.”

Another fan asked why the submarine in the book isn’t yellow, like the one in the famous 1966 Beatles song and the 1968 animated movie inspired by the tune.

“I have been there and done that with the Yellow Submarine,” McCartney explains. “[T]his green one is related, but has completely different powers than the Yellow Submarine had.”

As for what he enjoyed most about writing the book, the 79-year-old rock legend says, “I just like the process of allowing my imagination to run wild. After I’ve got all my crazy ideas written down, it’s up to the publishers and illustrator Kathryn Durst to bring it all to life.”

Asked why he decided to pen a sequel to Hey Grandude!, McCartney explains, “Writing Grandude’s adventures is something I love, so it made sense to keep going and write more of his story.”

Grandude’s Green Submarine gets released on October 5 in the U.S. and this Thursday, September 30, in the U.K. You can pre-order the book now.

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