Iron Maiden announces Eddie Funko Digital Pop! NFT

Iron Maiden announces Eddie Funko Digital Pop! NFT

Plenty of bands have been turned into Funko Pop! figures, but Iron Maiden is the first to release one as an NFT.

The legendary metal group’s iconic mascot, Eddie, will be Funko’s first-ever music-themed Digital Pop! NFT. Instead of getting your hands on an adorable, big-headed vinyl figure, you’ll have a unique, digital version of an adorable, big-headed vinyl figure on the WAX blockchain.

“We are huge Iron Maiden fans here at Funko and couldn’t be more excited to have our inaugural music Digital Pop! NFT be the music icon, Eddie,” says Funko CEO Brian Mariotti. “With the popularity of Senjutsu and a rabid fan base, Iron Maiden and Funko fans alike appreciate creative genius in music and pop culture. Now, they can celebrate both in digital form.”

Senjutsu, of course, is Iron Maiden’s new album, which gave them their highest-charting record on the Billboard 200.

The Iron Maiden Funko Digital Pop! NFT goes on sale Thursday, September 30 via

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