Motörhead announces ‘Everything Louder Forever’ best-of compilation


Motörhead will release a new best-of compilation titled Everything Louder Forever on October 29.

The career-spanning set, described as the “definitive collection of [Motörhead’s] loudest ever songs,” boasts a total of 42 tracks spread across a four-LP and two-CD package.

“This collection is the definitive assembly of Motörhead songs which have created this cultural phenomenon, and represents the first time all eras of the band’s recorded history have been represented in one place,” a press release reads.

You can celebrate the Everything Louder Forever announcement by watching a newly released video for the 2000 song “We Are Motörhead,” which is streaming now on YouTube.

Motörhead released 22 studio albums over their 40-year career, which came to an end when frontman Lemmy Kilmister died in December 2015.

Here’s the Everything Louder Forever track list:

“We Are Motörhead”
“Rock It”
“Brotherhood of Man”
“In the Name of Tragedy”
“The Thousand Names of God”
“Love for Sale”
“Killed by Death”
“I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)”
“Smiling Like a Killer”
“Queen of the Damned”
“Keys to the Kingdom”
“Cradle to the Grave”
“Lost Johnny”
“The Game”
“Ace of Spades”
“Stone Dead Forever”
“Bad Woman”
“Just Cos’ You Got the Power”
“Stay Out of Jail”
“No Class”
“I Am the Sword”
“The Chase Is Better than the Catch”
“God Save the Queen”
“Iron Fist”
“Rock Out”
“Dirty Love”
“Overnight Sensation”
“On Your Feet or on Your Knees”
“I Ain’t No Nice Guy”
“Choking on Your Screams”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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