Dennis DeYoung says “there should be one last Styx tour” featuring him

Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

Founding Styx singer/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung hasn’t played with the group since 1999, and although longtime members Tommy Shaw and James “JY” Young continue to insist they have no interest in reuniting with him, DeYoung says he’d like to tour with his ex-band mates one more time.

“I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but there should be one last Styx tour,” the 74-year-old musician tells ABC Audio. “You know, with Moe, Larry and Curly on the same stage, to wave goodbye to the fans…and tell them, ‘Hey, you made us wealthy people and you gave us incredible lives. Thanks. Bye.'”

Acknowledging that Shaw and Young don’t want to work with him again, DeYoung declares, “I don’t want to be in Styx anymore…Styx is Tommy and JY. [Founding bassist] Chuck [Panozzo] plays once in a while, but it’s Tommy that makes the decisions. It’s his band.”

Having said that, Dennis maintains that most Styx fans would love to see a reunion trek.

“Even if you’ve bought into Tommy’s new Styx with JY, and you love ’em and you think I’m a poop face, based on lies told about me, if you see the Styx reunion [is happening,] you’re coming,” DeYoung says.

Dennis says his feeling is based on Styx fans’ social media posts and the continuing popularity of the band’s music.

“[I]t does mean a great deal to them,” he declares, then quips, “And to see it one more time would be grand…and it would not be an illusion.”

Dennis also points out that next year marks the 50th anniversary of Styx’s debut album.

In June, DeYoung released what he says will be his final solo album, 26 East, Vol. 2, a collection of tunes that features multiple nods to Styx songs.


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