The Police’s Andy Summers releasing “beautiful” new instrumental album, ‘Harmonics of the Night,’ this fall

Credit: Mo Summers

Andy Summers recently announced that he’ll be publishing his first book of short stories, Fretted and Moaning, in August.  The Police guitarist has now revealed that he’ll also be releasing a new solo album in the coming months.

Summers tells ABC Audio that the album is a collection of “beautiful” instrumentals called Harmonics of the Night that he’s planning to release in October.

“[A]ctually, I’ve had this around for a while,” the 78-year-old Rock & Hall of Famer notes. “I made this record actually about 18 months ago. Everything got so crazy [because of the pandemic], we couldn’t get it out. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of help now, so it is coming out.”

In addition, Summers says he will be doing “a big photography show,” also called “Harmonics of the Night,” at the Leica Gallery in London.

“[T]he idea is that [all] the pictures in the show…sort of reflect the album,” he explains. “So, everything is going along nicely together…So, you know, lots of energy there.”

Back in 2019, Summers did a multimedia show called “A Certain Strangeness” that featured him playing guitar to accompany a presentation of photos he took that appeared in his 2019 photography book of the same name.

Andy tells ABC Audio that he’d like to do more shows like that once he’s able to tour again.

“That show [was] just me on stage…with my sophisticated guitar equipment that makes all sorts of amazing sounds,” he points out. “And we project on a…full-sized cinema screen…various photographic sequences. It’s all very exotic and lovely.” 

As previously reported, Fretted and Moaning will be released on August 19. You can pre-order three different editions of the book now at and

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