Classic Rock 93.9 — WDNY-FM — became Livingston County’s only classic rock station at noon on December 15, 2017.

Radio listeners in our area were clamoring for a classic rock station … and we heard them.

Classic Rock 93.9 focuses on the music – the artists, the songs, the classics. No chatterbox morning zoo. Just great rock from the 60s to the 90s.

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Classic rock has been one of the most successful radio formats of the past few years. Listeners are loyal, and they are in their prime spending years. Classic rock radio attracts listeners 35-64, especially men. But women and younger people like the sound of classic rock, too.

To reach our loyal audience of classic rock fans, email our general manager, Ed Trefzger, at or call the station at 585-335-9369.


Classic Rock 93.9 is programmed by Dansville Media Inc. through a time brokerage agreement with WDNY-FM’s license holder, Genesee Media Corporation.



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