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Deep Purple's Ian Gillan announces that band has recorded a new studio that's apparently due out in 2020

Written by on December 4, 2019

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Credit: Jim RaketeLongtime Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan has revealed that the band has recorded a new studio album, which he hints will be released this spring.

In a somewhat convoluted post on Deep Purple’s Facebook page, Gillan explains that the band members convened in late March of this year in Nashville to work on the project with producer Bob Ezrin, who also worked on the group’s previous to albums, 2013’s Now What?! and 2017’s InFinite.

“[E]ach member (arms and legs I’m talking about) arrived at a rehearsal studio and then a recording studio at roughly the same time on roughly the same day with roughly no idea of what we were doing,” Ian writes. “It was a total coincidence, the like of which has probably never been witnessed since — unbelievably — exactly the same thing happened a few years earlier when we spawned some In-Finite ideas.”

Gillan continues, “Then — blow me down — Bob Ezrin turned up and said ‘Let’s have dinner on Monday’…Someone enquired ‘What’s the big occasion?’…Bob replied ‘To celebrate the fact that we are all still alive…'”

He adds, “Tuesday, we made another album and Wednesday we went to the pub…Something like that anyway (it was all a blur).”

After alluding to the band preparing to get back on the road soon, Gillan finishes his message by saying, “Quite plainly something is in the air; but I have no idea what it could be…Perhaps, after another brief hibernation, all will become clear, in the spring of 2020.”

Deep Purple already has a variety of European concerts on its 2020 tour schedule, including a just-announced series of U.K. shows in October with support act Blue Oyster Cult.

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