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Rock stars — they're just like us: Dave Grohl struggles with letting his kids use social media, too

Written by on November 26, 2019

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ABC/Randy Holmes

Dave Grohl isn’t just one of rock music’s most beloved figures: he’s also the father of three young daughters, aged 13 to five. And just like any father these days, he’s having a hard time navigating their use of social media.

While appearing on Whitney Cummingspodcast Good For You, Dave was asked if he lets his kids use social media like Instagram.  “They’re on it, yeah,” he told Whitney.  When she asked how he decided that it was O.K. to let them do it, he explained, “It has a lot to do with their friends, it has a lot to do with what they’re interested in.”

“It usually begins a project,” Dave revealed. Then, imitating his daughters, he said, “‘I wanna do a project. Can I get an Instagram account? I wanna do a project with horses. I wanna have my own horse YouTube Channel!'”

“It starts like that.” Grohl laughed.And you wind up in front of a mirror with a thong!”

As for the fact that he himself doesn’t use social media, Dave told Whitney, “Well, I understand that it can be useful when you want people to know stuff. So, like, if we make a song, then if we put it on there, then people will know we have a new song.”

“But I don’t necessarily feel the need to tell everyone when I’m taking a s**t or whatever,” he cracked. “I get it -– I understand why people would. But it’s not really my thing.”

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