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The Who releases new song from upcoming 'WHO' album, "I Don't Wanna Get Wise"; reveals bonus-track details

Written by on November 22, 2019

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Interscope RecordsThe Who has debuted a third song in advance of the December 6 release of their first studio album in 13 years, WHO.

I Don’t Wanna Get Wise” is available now as a digital single and via streaming services. Pete Townshend says of the tune, “I wrote this in a mid-’70s style, like a song from an album like [1975’s] Who by Numbers. Warning: don’t get old. You might get wise.”

The track joins two other previously released songs from the WHO album, “Ball and Chain” and “All This Music Must Fade.”

In other news, The Who have revealed that besides the 11 songs featured on the standard version of WHO, three extra tracks will be included on a deluxe Target-exclusive CD and a different bonus tune will appear on a limited-edition three-LP set featuring red, white and blue vinyl discs.

The deluxe CD’s extra tracks are titled “Got Nothing to Prove,” “This Gun Will Misfire” and “Danny & My Ponies.” “Got Nothing to Prove” is a song that dates back to 1966. Reflecting on why The Who may not have recorded the tune at the time, Townshend says, “I have a feeling [Who manager] Kit [Lambert] may have felt the song sounded as though it was sung by an older and more self-satisfied man than I was in real life. That would have applied to Roger [Daltrey] too, I suppose. Now, it works. Back then, perhaps it didn’t.”

The other two songs are tunes from the WHO album sessions sung by Pete, while the three-LP sets extra track is called “Sand” and also dates back to 1966.

“This is a simple idea, about a sunny beach vacation romance that doesn’t last once the lovers get back home to the rain,” Townshend explains.

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