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New book of fan-created transcriptions of Keith Emerson compositions available now

Written by on November 12, 2019

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Courtesy of the Keith Emerson EstateA new book of transcriptions of 25 compositions by late Emerson, Lake and Palmer keyboardist Keith Emerson has just been released.

The arrival of the publication, titled Selections from Emerson Plays Emerson and Other Works, marks the completion of a project that Keith had been in the process of approving at the time of his passing in March 2016.

The transcriptions were created by a group of fans of Keith’s music and the book initially was intended to focus specifically on the compositions from the 2002 Emerson Plays Emerson album. However, the project eventually expanded to include other pieces, including “Piano Concerto No. 1” from the 1977 ELP album Works, Vol. 1.

The Keith Emerson Estate commissioned its own quality control to look over the transcriptions and approve them for the book.

The book features a foreword put together using emails Emerson had written with regard to the project, as well as an unpublished poem he wrote about composing.

A portion of the foreword reads, “So imagine my delight when news reached me that people had felt moved enough by my compositions to create transcriptions of them! Hopefully the Emerson Plays Emerson transcriptions will, in some small way, be useful to the next generation of composers to play and practice upon. I am humbled.”

Emerson died by suicide at the age of 71.

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