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Steve Hackett discusses the genesis of the orchestral concert documented for his new live album and video

Written by on November 4, 2019

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InsideOut MusicEx-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett recently released a new concert album and video called Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live at the Royal Festival Hall, which documents an October 2018 show in London.

The collection, which is available as a two-CD/DVD/Blu-ray set, features Hackett and his touring band accompanied by the 41-piece Heart of England Orchestra conducted by Bradley Thachuk. The show featured performances of eight Genesis tunes from Steve’s tenure with the band, plus selections from his solo catalog.

Hackett tells ABC Audio that the orchestral concert, one of a series he played last year in London, was similar in content to his regular rock shows, “but with a difference.”

Reflecting on the experience, Steve notes, “[B]y the time we had the crew, the band and the orchestra, there are 50-odd people on stage. Even large stages start to get a little bit smaller like that.”

Hackett says the orchestral shows were inspired by some collaborative concerts he’d done in recent years, one of which was a one-off 2017 orchestral performance in Buffalo, New York, that Thachuk conducted.

“[I]t was enough to convince me that he was a really great conductor, and absolutely put us at our ease as a band,” Steve maintains.

Hackett says among the highlights of the London concert was the rendition of his 1980 solo song “The Steppes,” which he describes as “huge and monstrous.”

He adds that the drums sounded extraordinary, and when “you add the orchestra as well, and it starts becoming monumental.”

The Live at the Royal Festival Hall Blu-ray contains some bonus features, including a behind-the-scenes documentary and promo videos for three songs from Hackett’s 2019 studio album, At the Edge of Light.

Here’s the full track list*:

CD 1:
“Dance on a Volcano”
“Out of the Body”
“The Steppes”
“Firth of Fifth”
“Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”
“Blood on the Rooftops”
“Shadow of the Hierophant”

CD 2:
“In That Quiet Earth”
“Serpentine Song”
“El Nino”
“Supper’s Ready”

“The Musical Box”

Blu-ray Bonus Features:
–Behind-the-scenes documentary
–Promotional videos: “Under the Eye of the Sun,” “Beasts in Our Time,” “Peace”

* = the same songs featured on the CDs also appear on the DVD and Blu-ray.

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