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Watch trailer for new Ronnie Wood documentary 'Somebody Up There Likes Me'

Written by on October 31, 2019

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Eagle Rock FilmsSomebody Up There Likes Me, the new documentary about Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood that premiered at the London Film Festival earlier this month, will be screened at select U.K. theaters starting on November 26. Buy you can get a glimpse of the movie, which directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mike Figgis, by checking out the official trailer that debuted this week.

The promo includes snippets of interviews with Wood and some of the famous musicians he’s worked with during his career, including Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, and Ronnie’s Faces band mate Rod Stewart. It also features archival photos, and footage of Wood performing and working on paintings.

At the beginning of the trailer, Wood declares, “I was in the hands of destiny all my life, and being at the right place at the right time.” Jagger then lists some of the behaviors Wood was known for indulging in, including “sex, drugs and…drinking.”

Richards then appears and notes how Wood came to join The Stones: “We were all well aware of Ronnie Wood. It was almost as if it was predestined.”

Stewart talks about the flair that made Wood stand out, mentioning “crushed velvet trousers, big crosses, bouffant hair and a little bit of makeup.”

As the trailer continues, the subject shifts to Wood’s issues with drug and alcohol abuse. “I like things too much,” Ronnie admits. We then see famous U.K. artist Damien Hirst, who recalls a time visited Wood in rehab, and how Ronnie had made friends with everyone there.

As the clip nears its end, Wood is asked if his behavior got him into a lot of trouble. “No,” he responds with a laugh. “Got me into a lot of pleasure.”

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