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Trick or Chains: Alice's William DuVall recalls his favorite Halloween costume

Written by on October 31, 2019

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Credit: Pamela LittkyHalloween is here again, and Alice in Chains vocalist/guitarist William DuVall is recalling one of his favorite costumes, which he wore during a show with his band mate Jerry Cantrell.

“In Chicago, years and years ago, Cantrell and I went as Dead Elvis [Presley] and Dead [Jimi] Hendrix,” DuVall tells ABC Audio.

As DuVall remembers it, he and Cantrell would banter with each other in between songs throughout the whole show while in character as Elvis and Hendrix.

“We committed…We did the whole thing,” DuVall laughs. “The whole gig was that!”

DuVall adds that the “dead” part of “Dead Elvis” and “Dead Hendrix” was integral to the costume, which involved “corpse-y makeup.”

“Yeah, it was ridiculous,” he says. “It was totally, like, ‘What?!’ Yeah, we did it. It was totally a happening.”

This year, DuVall will celebrate Halloween with a show in Nashville supporting his solo debut album, One Alone. As the prospect of performing on his own is scary enough, he doesn’t plan on wearing a costume for the concert.

“It’s a lot to go out there, in character, and have to commit to the character,” DuVall says. “You have enough to contend with just playing a gig, right? And especially me being by myself now, it’s, like, I’m gonna come out in a costume? Really? C’mon!”

“We’re already beyond the pale with just the idea of me going out there by myself, period,” he jokes. “But yeah, I think I’m just gonna go as me.”

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