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Zombies singer Colin Blunstone says he hopes band's next album will be ready for release in 2020

Written by on October 29, 2019

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Credit: Payley PhotographyThe Zombies recently finished up a U.S. tour that featured headlining shows and joint dates with Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson‘s solo band. During the trek, the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees debuted two songs — “Merry Go Round” and “For All My Life” — that they’re planning to include on their next studio album.

Founding Zombies frontman Colin Blunstone tells ABC Audio that with the U.S. tour behind them, the band plans to continue work on the project, which will be a follow-up to 2015’s Still Got That Hunger.

“Hopefully between now and Christmas there will be an opportunity to put some more tracks down,” he says. “And…although it’s very difficult saying when an album’s gonna be finished…I would hope that there’ll be a finished album next year.”

While original Zombies bassist Chris White and drummer Hugh Grundy performed with the group on the dates with Wilson, Blunstone says only the current lineup — Colin, founding keyboardist Rod Argent, drummer Steve Rodford, guitarist Tom Toomey and bassist Soren Koch — is involved in recording the new album.

In addition, Blunstone reveals that he’s recorded three or four songs “for a proposed solo album,” although he says he’s had to “put it on pause for the time being because there’s so much live work, and also the Zombies album.”

Colin will be playing shows with his solo group in the Netherlands and Belgium next month, and in Spain in December.

Meanwhile, Blunstone reports that an in-depth Zombies documentary is in the works.

“[T]hey filmed us in America and they filmed us in the U.K., they filmed us at home and they filmed us performing concerts,” he tells ABC Audio, adding, “I don’t have any kind of dates for that to be released and available.”

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