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Dave Mustaine's throat cancer treatment now "completed," according to David Ellefson

Written by on October 28, 2019

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Credit: Jeremy SafferDave Mustaine has “completed” his throat cancer treatment, according to Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.

Speaking during an interview with Pomelo Rocker about the progress of a potential new Megadeth record, Ellefson said, “With Dave’s throat cancer treatments that he has now completed — and he’s just going through the recovery now — we’re hopeful and optimistic about a full recovery for him with that.”

“Once he’s through that process, we’re gonna just let that take as much time as it needs,” Ellefson added. “And then we’ll resume with the album.”

Mustaine, 58, revealed his diagnosis in June, writing that his doctors had “mapped out a treatment plan which they feel has a 90 percent success rate.” In September, he said that he was “almost through the last round of treatment,” and added that his doctors were “feeling very positive regarding my progress.”

Due to the diagnosis, Megadeth canceled all of their 2019 tour dates. They plan to return to the road in January 2020 for a European tour with Five Finger Death Punch.

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