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Watch Roger Daltrey discuss The Who's destructive concerts on 'Brian Johnson's A Life on the Road'

Written by on September 27, 2019

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Courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment/ AXS TVThe latest episode of the AXS TV series Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road features the longtime AC/DC frontman chatting with The Who‘s Roger Daltrey as the two rock legends visit some of the British band’s old stomping grounds.

Among the topics Daltrey discusses on the show, which premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, are The Who’s penchant for smashing their instruments on stage, and late drummer Keith Moon‘s tendency to wreak havoc at the hotels while the band was on tour.

In a preview clip from the program, Roger explains how he and his band mates would release their pent-up aggression during their concerts.

“We were…these four completely different people with huge egos, and we’d have fist fights,” Daltrey notes. “It was incredibly volatile, and that used to come across in the music, which made people sit up and listen. The thing about The Who, it was the Third World War every time we got on stage.”

But Roger also maintains that Pete Townshend didn’t just smash his guitar for the spectacle of it — he was also doing it for sonic effect.

“When Pete used to break those guitars, it was like a ritual slaughter of some mythological animal. The thing used to scream,” Daltrey recalls. “Every whack of it somewhere would create a different noise, with incredible volume.”

He adds that journalists who would focus only on the fact that Townshend smashed his guitar were missing the point.

Johnson, meanwhile, gushes over how “dead exciting” it was to watch The Who at that time, declaring, “When we saw the guitars going through the amp, you…swinging the old mic around…and the drums getting blown up and all that…it was fabulous.”

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