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Neil Young shooting film about the making of "Colorado," his new album with Crazy Horse

Written by on July 31, 2019

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Credit: Danny ClinchNeil Young recently announced the title of his upcoming studio album with his old band Crazy Horse, Colorado, and now the folk-rock legend has revealed that a documentary is in the works about the project.

In a new post on his Neil Young Archives website, Young says, “Today we continue making the film COLORADO, telling the back story of the latest recording from Crazy Horse, a band that really is on its own turf.”

He adds that the flick will look at “how the band works together to make music, how the emotions of trying to get a sound go with the emotions of the songs [and] what the songs are about.”

Neil also notes that while he and Crazy Horse are “old guys,” they are “young souls still alive in old souls and the music they make together.”

He adds, “From the engineers to the musical instrument techs, these guys are in it non-stop for as long as it takes to get the songs captured. Like wild horses, the songs, each one an individual, a unique force at play with the emotional landscape, are in control of the dynamic of capture.”

A separate post on the Neil Young Archives site shows what appears to be the label that will appear on side one of the Colorado LP.  It features two songs, both penned by Young: “Think of Me,” which runs three minutes and two seconds, and a 13-minute, 36-second epic titled “She Showed Me Love.”

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