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David Crosby says his new documentary, "Remember My Name," is an honest profile of "a flawed human being"

Written by on July 22, 2019

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The new documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name opened Friday in Los Angeles and New York City, and will open wider starting this week. The film takes an unflinching look at 77-year-old rock legend David Crosby‘s life, including his battle with drug addiction, his fractured relationships with his old band mates, and his recent burst of creativity.

Crosby tells ABC Radio that he feels the movie stands out because of “the degree of honesty” with which it presents his story.

“The way you see me in this film, I am a flawed human being…trying to create art and trying to live like a decent human being,” he says. “I think…if there’s value in the film, it’s that it’s honest in its look. It doesn’t polish it. It doesn’t…pretend to be anything it’s not. And that’s not common currency these days.”

David says the initial plan for the documentary was to focus on his creative surge since splitting with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash around 2015 — he’s released three solo albums since 2016 and is preparing a fourth. However, as he notes, director A.J. Eaton and the film’s co-producer, Cameron Crowe, who conducted most of the interviews for the flick, pushed him to dig into many emotional and dark aspects of his life.

“We went way deeper than any of us thought we could go or would go,” Crosby maintains.

Crowe tells ABC Radio that he wanted to make the movie because, “I wanted all generations to meet [David].”

He adds, “Pretty much every politically or…culturally important event [that’s happened in the past 50 years], he’s there and he’s going to tell you about it in this film.”

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