Jaw-dropping allegations emerge in lawsuit against Courtney Love

Written by on June 6, 2018

Scott Dudelson/Getty ImagesDetails have surfaced in the lawsuit against Courtney Love brought by her now-former son-in-law, Isaiah Silva. Legal document site Scribd has published the first 51 pages of the suit, and it’s a doozy.

As previously reported, the suit accuses Love of conspiring to kill Silva in order to retrieve a priceless guitar owned by Kurt Cobain, which was in Silva’s possession. This by itself is wacky enough, but here are some even farther-flung particulars from the lengthy legal document:

–Silva says that Courtney’s business manager, Sam Lutfi — who’s also named in the suit — regularly supplied the singer and her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, with “narcotics and illicit benzodiazepines,” which they referred to in communications as “cookies.” According to the filing, “when the two discussed the need for more [drugs] they would communicate in code and say ‘the cookie jar is empty’ or something to that effect.” Silva alleges that 13 Reasons Why actor Ross Butler — who is also a co-defendant — would often act as a drug courier and would deliver the goods to the bushes outside the home that Frances Bean shared with Silva, so Silva wouldn’t find out.

–Silva says Frances Bean would frequently run outside the couple’s home to meet someone parked in a car there, after which she would lock herself in the bathroom for extended periods. Silva claims to have video clips of Cobain passed out on the floor in drug-induced stupors.

–In November 2014, Frances Bean allegedly had a grand mal seizure as a result of drug ingestion while watching TV with Silva and Silva’s young daughter. Silva claims he revived Frances Bean and that by the time EMTs arrived, “she was going to be fine.”

–Silva alleges that Kurt Cobain’s mother thinks her son was murdered, and that Courtney may have had something to do with it. Silva says Kurt’s mom urged him to watch the 2015 docudrama Soaked in Bleach, which suggested that Kurt’s death might have been a homicide.  (The film was widely panned and one of the detectives prominently featured in it publicly alleged that the filmmakers misrepresented his statements in order to falsely promote their murder theory.)

–Cobain’s now-ex-husband alleges that Love and Lutfi had Silva’s iMessage account hacked to make it seem he was unstable and suicidal, in order to set the stage for their intended murder plot. On June 3, 2016, Silva says that Lutfi, Ross Butler, and Courtney Love’s chauffeur entered his home and then assaulted and kidnapped him in an attempted murder plot that was only foiled because law enforcement arrived at the end of the street, just in the nick of time.

–Silva alleges that the now-infamous Kurt Cobain guitar was an anniversary gift to him, and there’s extensive detail in the suit that describes the gift with which Silva reciprocated: a renovated art studio for Frances Bean.

What is abundantly clear in the near book-length lawsuit is that Isaiah Silva kept extensive notes and physical evidence of the activities of Courtney Love and Frances Bean, from the time Silva and Cobain began dating. There are well over 100 emails, film clips, and audio recordings that Silva says support his various allegations.

Courtney Love hasn’t responded publicly to the allegations. Her latest Tweet comments on the Supreme Court’s most recent decision, and reads, “Let’s give love by tweeting all the bakers that don’t [discriminate against gays]…want you to be the gays with the most cake!”

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